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Join the Stopdrop Tooling Team the at IADC World Drilling 2023 for a 360-degree view of the energy industry's future.

IADC World Drilling

Stopdrop Tooling will be exhibiting at IADC World Drilling 2023!

Embrace the Energy Transition and Sustainability

Get ready for IADC World Drilling 2023! This must-attend event dives into our global energy industry’s vital themes. First off, we delve into Energy Transition and Sustainability. Engage in dynamic discussions and learn from real-life cases at the conference. You’ll discover how to reduce CO2 footprints in wells operations and explore offshore contractors’ roles in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Also, get to unlock the technology’s potential in emission reduction. Moreover, the intriguing topic of “Hot and Deep” geothermal wells awaits your attention.

Understand the Market Outlook and Economic Considerations

Next, comprehend the dynamic Market Outlook and Economic Considerations. Here at IADC World Drilling 2023, we’re eager to dissect the post-COVID-19 recovery of the global drilling market. We’ll delve into the macro environment, its impacts on offshore and onshore markets, and the evolution of hydrocarbons. Also, grasp the competitiveness of offshore drillers.

Immerse in Technological Innovations

Subsequently, experience the power of Technological Innovations. IADC World Drilling 2023 is proud to showcase the role of technology in drilling operations. Be part of lively debates on automation, analytics, and robotics in offshore drilling. You’ll witness firsthand how technology is transforming our industry.

Address Workforce Challenges and Talent Development

We then tackle Workforce Challenges and Talent Development. At IADC World Drilling 2023, we recognize the importance of talent. Join us in fruitful discussions on recruiting, training, and retaining crews. Understand the significance of building local content crews and discover innovative ways to develop leadership.

Navigate Decarbonization and Financing

Next on the agenda, we dive into Decarbonization and Financing. The conference sheds light on the upstream value chain’s decarbonization and the collaboration needed to reduce greenhouse emissions. We’ll also delve into the investment aspects vital for this transformational process.

Learn from Best Practices and Case Studies

Finally, we offer insights from Best Practices and Case Studies. Real-world experiences and case studies await you at IADC World Drilling 2023. You’ll have the chance to learn industry best practices, understand the challenges we face, and actively engage in the exchange of ideas.

In essence, IADC World Drilling 2023 provides a 360-degree view of the energy industry’s future. Be part of the conversation on sustainability, technology, market outlook, talent development, and financing decarbonization. Join us in London!

Stopdrop Tooling will be represented by Gary Dunn and Dave White who will be exhibiting a range of tethered tool kit solutions