Frequently Asked Questions

Will your tools make my job more difficult?

We do everything possible to design tool modifications in such a way that tools maintain their functionality. With most tools we have fully succeeded in this, but in some cases, compromises need to be made to fully eliminate the chance of the tool dropping.

Can I send you my tools to be retrofitted with a Stopdrop Tooling attachment?

No, modifications are designed and tested for tools selected by Stopdrop Tooling.

Do Stopdrop lanyards work with regular non Stopdrop Tools?

Only with tools that already have attachment points such as adjustable wrenches. The dedicated attachment point on all Stopdrop Tools is what makes our products unique and safe for working at height. Homemade modifications often fail when not properly tested and we do not advocate use of our lanyards with non Stopdrop tools.

Do you sell individual tools?

Yes, all tools can be bought separately or in dedicated tools at height kits. If you are buying a number of tools for one work area we suggest you choose our bespoke kit design service. All chosen tools will be sleeved, engraved and fitted into tool control foam.

Can I buy your products online?

You can create a quote online and we will get back to you with prices and product availability.

What lanyards shoud I choose?

All Stopdrop lanyards come with recommended maximum weight guidelines. You can also find favoured lanyards featured in our catalogue.

These are our lanyards recommendations:

  • Web and coil lanyards are best used in combination with the Stopdrop Tool bag. Ideal for scaffolders who need access to a number of tools at height.
  • Wrist tool lanyards can be used for light tools such as screwdrivers or pliers. Never use these around active machinery or with heavy tools.

Wire tool lanyard recommendations:

  • 1M wire lanyards should be used when there is a high risk of the lanyard being cut or damaged.
  • 1.5M wire lanyards are used for securing heavier tools to fixed objects.
  • 1.5M Heavy Duty wire lanyards are used for sledge hammers and other heavy tools.