Tethered Tool Kits

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Worker at height with grease gun attached to dirty lanyard. Are the lanyards in your tethered tool kit permanently attached?


Tethered tools are vital in industries like construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing. They prevent dropped objects and ensure proper use while working at height. Stopdrop Tooling offers working at height tool kits with separate lanyards for safety, organization, durability, and budget reasons.

Tool Organization and Control

We provide separate lanyards in our tethered tool kits to keep the toolbox organized. Keeping track of all tools is essential when working at height. Permanently attached lanyards would make a tool kit with up to 400 tools untidy.

Tools left behind at job sites can be dangerous. To avoid this, we use double color tool control foam in our kits. This method makes it easy to see if something is missing. Our kits have identifiable attachment points, letting users attach lanyards as needed without compromising organization.

Enhanced Tool Functionality and Usability in Tethered Tool Kits

We include separate lanyards in our to improve tool functionality and usability. Our attachment points for working at height tools are ergonomically designed. They preserve original functionality while adding safety against dropped objects. For instance, a screwdriver  can rotate freely through a rotating attachment point while secured to a tool lanyard.

Permanently attaching a lanyard to a tool can hinder functionality and increase dropped object risks. Separate lanyards and attachment points offer more flexibility and adaptability for various tools.

Greater Flexibility and Adaptability

Separate lanyards in our tethered tool kits allow more flexibility and adaptability for users. We offer a choice of webbing, coiled, or wire lanyards in lengths from 1 to 2 meters. This variety lets users choose the best lanyard for their tethered tool kit.

By providing separate lanyards, users can switch lanyards if they become damaged or prefer a different type. This option is not possible with permanently attached lanyards, limiting adaptability and flexibility.

Durability and Cost-Efficiency in Tethered Tool Kits

Separate lanyards in our tools aloft kits offer better durability and cost-efficiency. Customers usually replace about 10% of their Stopdrop toolbox contents each year. Permanently attached lanyards would shorten the tethered tool kit lifespan, increasing the life cycle cost.

Case in point, the lanyard in the above image has become extremely dirty, but can easily be replaced. Replacing the entire tool would be much more costly and place an unnecessary burden on your supply chain. Providing separate lanyards in tethered tool kits allows users to replace lanyards as needed without sending the whole tool back to the manufacturer.


In conclusion, we prefer tethered tool kits with separate lanyards for better organization, enhanced functionality, more flexibility, and improved durability and cost-efficiency. While permanently attached lanyards have some benefits, separate lanyards in our tethered tool kits better serve our customers’ needs.