Stopdrop Tooling provides hand tools which have been designed to prevent dropping when “Working At Height”. These tools are commonly called tools at height, tools aloft or tethered tools. The tooling is designed and modified to enable user freedom and maintain product functionality but continue to safely control the tool.


Dropped objects are one of the major sources of incidents in heavy industries and construction. In the drilling industry it is estimated that one in ten dropped object incidents are caused by falling hand tools. Stopdrop Tooling works closely with its global customer base including drilling contractors, rope access specialists and scaffolding companies to get the tooling and modifications industry specific. By properly securing the hand tools to a fixed point or person with a lanyard and using locking techniques for individual tool parts, dropped objects incidents can be prevented. Stopdrop is a member of the drops workplace organisation which is dedicated to reducing dropped object incidents on and offshore, all Stopdrop Tooling manufactured tools are DROPS compliant.


For over a decade Stopdrop have supplied a standard derrick toolkit (Part No. SDKIT01) for use when using tools in the derrick. We have continually upgraded and improved the tooling content of the kit and believe it to be the finest full derrick kit available. The current configuration contains 175 tethered tools and accessories. We also offer a bespoke kit design service for both static and mobile kits, meant for a specific job or work area. Select the tools you want and we will manufacture them into a bespoke kit.

Further Information

STOPDROP TOOLING - Tools and Tool Kits

We have a range of tool kits designed for various workplaces. Our standard kits come in tough, durable work boxes that have 6 drawers, all 100% extending. However we have various cabinets to suit your needs. For mobile kits we use hard wearing Pelican boxes. All tools are stored in double colour tool control foam, making it easy to manage your inventory.

Stopdrop Tooling designs tools with functionality in mind. These are tested before production by end users to maintain functionality. Many of our tools feature a swivel attachment point meaning lanyards always drop underneath the tool and do not become tangled. All our tools are fitted with permanent stainless steel or nylon attachment points. This removes the possibility of attachment points being taken off and reduces the risk of them being damaged.


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QHSE Policy

The fundamental expectations of our QHSE policy are:

  • Appropriate products feature safety warnings and recommended weight guidelines.
  • Offer a range of tooling and kits so that the correct tools are used for the job, preventing incidents.
  • Thoroughly test all of our products before sale including DROPS testing.
  • We will regularly review tools as part of our continuous improvement effort.
  • Traceability of tools to the end user.
  • We aim to conduct our business to limit the adverse impact to the environment and prevent pollution.