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Stopdrop Tooling Product Highlights 2015

22 Dec 2015
Take a look at our Tools for 'Working At Height' highlights of 2015.

Stopdrop Tooling Large Metric Combination Wrenches for ‘Working At Height’

30 Oct 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Available in sizes 34MM to 60MM.

SDPP7 - Stopdrop Tooling Pin Punches for 'Working At Height'

01 Sep 2015
7 Piece Imperial Punch Set Part Number: SDPP7

SDRT12L - SPECIAL OFFER 1/2" Ratchet Reversible & 1M Web Lanyard

07 Aug 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Use Part Number ' SDRT12L ' to recieve this promotion.

Stopdrop Tooling Expansion Drawers for 'Working At Height'

05 Aug 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Add an Expansion Drawer for 'Working At Height' to your Stopdrop Tooling Tool Kit today!

Stopdrop Tooling Dropped Object Alert - Protector Plate falls from Crane

29 Jul 2015
A nylon plate protector fell from a crane being used on an oil rig.

Stopdrop Tooling Pry Bar Long Pointed End for 'Working At Height'

02 Jul 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Take a look at our Pry Bar Long Pointed end range.

Part Number: SDLRKIT01 - The Stopdrop Tooling Mobile Land Rig Kit for 'Working At Height'

23 Jun 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Onshore drilling Mobile Land Rig Kit for 'Working At Height' | Stopdrop Tooling

The benefits of using Screwgate Carabiners on lanyards for 'Working At Height'

16 Jun 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
We feature screwgate carabiners on all of our lanyards to secure Tools for ‘Working At Height’.
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