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Part Number: SDLRKIT01 - The Stopdrop Tooling Mobile Land Rig Kit for 'Working At Height'

23 Jun 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Onshore drilling Mobile Land Rig Kit for 'Working At Height' | Stopdrop Tooling

The benefits of using Screwgate Carabiners on lanyards for 'Working At Height'

16 Jun 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
We feature screwgate carabiners on all of our lanyards to secure Tools for ‘Working At Height’.

Part Number: SDBAGTC2 - The Stopdrop Tooling Light Tube Holder for 'Working At Height'

11 Jun 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Stopdrop Tooling Light Tube Holder for 'Working At Height allows the user to safely and efficiently change flourescent light bulbs at height.

Part Number: SDTRP712 - The Stopdrop Tooling Needle Gun Pistol Grip for ‘Working At Height’

15 May 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
High performance Needle Scraper for 'Working At Height' with safe working levels of vibration.

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14 Apr 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
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The Stopdrop Tooling Flogging Wrench Range for 'Working At Height'

31 Mar 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Flogging Wrenches for 'Working At Height'

The Stopdrop Tooling Product Guide for 'Working At Height' is available now!

26 Feb 2015
Category : PRODUCTS
Our Product Guide contains our full range of Tools, Tool Kits and Tool Accessories for ‘Working At Height’.

Stopdrop Tooling Product Guide - Coming Soon

28 Jan 2015
Here is a sneak peek at our Product Guide coming February. 2015.

We have moved!

12 Jan 2015
Category : EVENTS
Our USA office has moved premises.
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