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Water bottle holder 0.5L

Stopdrop Tooling 0.5 LTR Bottle Holder for working at height. With Stopdrop Tooling attachment point.

0.5L plastic water bottle holder for working at height with Stopdrop Tooling attachment point and logo.

Usage of Water bottles at height

Working at height is demanding and potentially hazardous. Hydration is critical for productivity and safety. Securing water bottles while working at elevated heights is essential for preventing accidents and promoting proper hydration. This article highlights the significance of hydration and the importance of securing water bottles when working at height.

The Importance of Hydration

Hydration is crucial for maintaining peak physical and mental performance, especially when working at height. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and reduced cognitive abilities, increasing the risk of accidents. Moreover, working at height often exposes workers to the elements, such as sun and wind, exacerbating dehydration. Consequently, it’s vital for workers to have easy access to water and stay hydrated throughout their shift.

Hazards of Unsecured Water Bottles

Nevertheless, water bottles can pose risks if not properly secured. According to the DROPS Calculator, a water bottle falling from a height of 9 meters can cause minor injuries. The risk of fatality dramatically increases when dropped from above 21 meters. Therefore, it’s essential to secure water bottles when working at height.

Hydration Packs: A Convenient Solution

One effective solution is using hydration packs. These packs, securely fastened to the worker’s back, minimize the risk of dropping water bottles. They provide a more convenient method of hydration. Furthermore, hydration packs typically have a larger capacity than water bottles, ensuring ample water supply during a shift.

Bottle holders:

Combining the convenience of water bottles with reliability.  Our water bottles in combination with tool bags and tool lanyards eliminate the risk of dropped objects caused by water bottles.


In conclusion, securing water bottles and promoting proper hydration are interlinked when working at height. Employers and employees must collaborate to implement safety measures that minimize accident risks while ensuring hydration access. By addressing these concerns, we can create a safer and more efficient work environment for everyone involved.

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