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Mobile Training Tool Kit

Part Number: SDTRAIN01

Our Mobile Training Kit comes in a black pelican 1720 tool case with tool control foam.

Mobile Training Kit for working at height including safety specification tools and tool control foam. Presented in a black mobile tool case with colour coded and engraved tools.

Our Training kit for Working At Height has been specifically designed for Training purposes. It comes in a waterproof, crush proof and dust proof 1720 Pelican Case featuring an ergonomic handle, stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors, easy to open double throw latches, fold down handles, strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings and tool control foam.

All of our tools for working at height feature dedicated attachment points ready for use with the appropriate lanyard.

In combination with our Virtual Reality app and/or Zoom/Teams we can train your trainer to deliver a working with tools at height workshop.

Full List of Tools


1/2″ Drive 12 Point Sockets & Accessories: 17mm & 3/4″ Sockets, 1/2″ Hex Socket, Extension 125mm, Universal Joint, Reversible Ratchet 270mm, Pin Removal Tool.

3/8″ Drive 12 Point Sockets & Accessories: 6mm socket, Ratchet Reversible, Step Down Adaptor 1/2″.

Hammers and Striking Tools: 6lb 24″ Sledge Hammer, 24oz Ball Pien Hammer, Pin punch: 1/4″ point, 5 3/4″, Punch/Chisel holder.

Wrenches: Double End Flare Nut 8-10mm, Ring Wrench 17-19mm, Combination Wrench 1/2″ & 7/8″.

Adjustable Wrenches: 10″ Adjustable Wrench, 10″ Pipe Wrench.

Hand Tools: Hex Keys Metric, Flat File 8″, Wire Twister/Cutter Reversible, Pistol Type Grease Gun.

Pliers: Combination 180mm, Vise Grip Locking Straight Jaw 1 5/8″ Capacity

Lanyards: Coil 1m, Wire 1.5m, Heavy Duty 1.5m, Web Lanyard 1m X 2, Wrist Strap & Lanyard Complete

Tool Bags: Waist and Shoulder Tool Bag With Internal Pocket.

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