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Tethered Crane Tool Kit

Part Number: SDSET05

Our Mobile Crane Kit comes in an orange pelican 1600 tool case with tool control foam.

Mobile Tethered Crane Tool Kit for working at height including safety specification tools and tool control foam. Presented in an orange mobile tool case with colour coded and engraved tools.

Our Mobile Crane tool kit for Working At Height has been specifically designed for Crane Departments. It comes in a waterproof, crush proof and dust proof 1600 Pelican Case featuring an ergonomic handle, stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors, automatic pressure equalization valve and tool control foam.

All of our tools for working at height feature dedicated attachment points ready for use with the appropriate lanyard.

Full List of Tools

6lb 12″ Lump Hammer, 24oz 14” Ball Pein Hammer. Adjustable wrenches: 10″ & 18″ x 2. 10″ Pipe Wrench.

Hand tools: Wire Twisters, Hex Keys in Holder: 1 Imperial, 1 Metric.

Pliers: Combination, Diagonal Cutters 6″. Screwdrivers: Philips: #2 x 100m, #3 x 200mm. Flat tip: .032 x 3/16, .046 x 5/16.

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