Wire core coil tool lanyard for use with scaffolding tools with one screw gate carabiner for safe working at height

Stopdrop Tooling Black Wire Coil Tool Lanyard with 1 locking screwgate carabiner for working at height. Labelled with maximum weight guidelines and part number.

This lanyard is designed to be used in combination with Scaffolding tools but may also be used in combination with our our other tools for working at height

  • One end of the tool lanyard permanently attaches to the tool such as a scaffolding wrench, Tape Measure, spirit level or a Ratchet Podger
  • The other end of the lanyard with the screw-gated stainless steeel carabiner attaches to a Scaffolding Belt, A Stopdrop Tooling working at height bag or directly to the body harness
  • The coil easily stretches and returns to its original shape without getting entangled through the usage of double stainless steel  swivel connectors
  • In the event of a tool drop, the coil gradually increases its resistance up to a maximum when the coil is stretched up to the length of the internal wire.  The energy of the dropping tool is gradually absorbed rather than coming to an abrupt hard stop.
  • All the components of the tool lanyard are easy to inspect, providing confidence to the end user
  • Replacement frequency depends on usage. Our Clients have reported long term daily usage. The urethane coil cover is the first component that will show signs of wear and tear over time, while the wire coil core maintains its primary safety function of stopping the drop of a tool.

This wire coil lanyard is designed to be semi permanently tether tools that are frequently used. For our static kits and mobile kits for working at height, we use webbing, yellow coil and wire tool lanyards which come with a screw gated carabiner on each side.

For large quantities, we can customize the lanyard to suit your exact requirements to maximize safety while maintaining the tool ergonomics.

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