Wind Turbine Kit for Working at Height

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Wind Turbine Kit for Working at Height

At 260 meters or 853 ft, the Haliade-X currently holds the record of the tallest offshore wind turbine and it produces an impressive 12 megawatts of power. And like with all of the world’s tallest structures, there is some level of pride associated with holding the title so there is an ongoing challenge to build bigger and more powerful models. Most modern wind farms will typically operate with turbines that exceed a height of 100m/300ft. At such a height, even the smallest object falling, has the potential to cause harm to personnel or the environment.

One of the commonly identified risks during the installation and maintenance of wind turbines includes tools dropped from height. Tying off tools with a piece of rope or adhesive tape may slightly reduce the risk of a dropped object, however, this can also create a false sense of security. If technician’s fail to secure the tools adequately individual components such as ratchet sockets will continue to drop. Improvised fastening methods often compromises the functionality of the tool leading to reduced productivity and maintenance personnel refusing to adopt such safe work practices at all.

Stopdrop Tooling have worked closely with wind power installation and maintenance companies to develop a kit to safely work with tools at height. The mobile kit features a range of tools in including 3/8” and 1/2” drive ratchets, sockets between 5mm and 32mm, Crowfoot sockets sized 13mm to 36mm, several ratchet accessories, combination wrenches sized between 8 and 30mm, insulated screwdrivers, pliers and cutters and many others. We can also customise the content to your exacting needs so you won’t be carrying more or less then you require.

Stopdrop tools are all ergonomically designed for working at height. Each tool comes with a dedicated attachment point that does not compromise the functionality of the tool. A screwdriver for example, has a rotating attachment point around the blade preventing the lanyard from becoming entangled. Tools are stored in the rugged Pelican 0450 tooling case which can be rolled on wheels like a suitcase. Drawers can be conveniently taken out one by one.

All tools are all laser engraved with the company name or department. They are stored in double coloured tool control foam making it obvious if a tool is missing (or left at height).

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