Turn your attention to accident prevention: Are you Working At Height safely?

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Turn your attention to accident prevention: Are you Working At Height safely?

Being struck by a dropped object caused 9.4% of the deaths within the construction industry in 2017 and injured thousands more.

By properly attaching hand tools with the appropriate lanyard to a fixed point or worker, we can help reduce dropped object incidents & lower the statistic.

The 2005 Working At Height Regulations state employers must take ‘suitable and sufficient steps’ to prevent the falling of materials and objects and to stop anyone being hit and it is left to individual companies to decide how to tackle the issue.

Common strategies to combat dropped items include fitting drops netting, along with the creation of exclusion zones below the working area, which under certain circumstances cannot always be done such as public locations. This practice helps but cannot guarantee to catch everything that is dropped (objects can bounce and ricochet as they fall) which can render these measures ineffective.

By tethering your tooling when Working At Height to a tool belt, bag or structure this vastly reduces the potential of dropped items.

Lanyards come in varying types and maximum weight capacities to make sure that the appropriate lanyard has been selected for the specific tool.

Stopdrop Tooling offers a range of tooling, bags & tool tethers for Working At Height. Available individually or as a static & mobile tool kit.

For more information about our products, please call us on +44 (0)1924 465270 (UK) or +1 281 492 0304 (USA). Alternatively you can email info@stopdroptooling.com.