IADC Middle East 2023

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IADC Middle East 2023

Join the Stopdrop Tooling team and more than 500 industry professionals at the upcoming IADC Middle East Drilling Conference and Exhibition. At the exhibition, Stopdrop Tooling will be showcasing its tools for safe working at height which have been widely adopted in the Saudi Arabia drilling sector.


The conference program is centered on the drilling industry progression, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia. It begins with a panel discussion underscoring the significance of local manufacturing and supply chains in promoting economic stability and sustainable growth. Industry experts will explore how local production can boost regional development, innovation, and prosperity.


Following sessions tackle pertinent topics such as energy transition, featuring talks on environmentally friendly drilling practices, novel workover unit designs, and methods for reducing carbon emissions in drilling operations. Specialists will provide insights into the industry’s response to ecological challenges through technological advancements and efficient practices.


The conference also addresses human factors within the industry, discussing the crucial role of understanding and managing human behavior to ensure safety and effectively handle conflict.


Additionally, the program includes panel discussions about the industry’s future, highlighting the need for diversity and digital transformation. Seasoned professionals will discuss their experiences and visions for a technologically proficient, inclusive workforce.


Technical sessions delve into recent developments in drilling operations, with presentations on automation, machine learning, and real-time data analytics. The introduction of virtual reality in safety training, exemplified by the DROPS Metaverse, underscores the industry’s dedication to ongoing improvement.


The conference wraps up with debates on eco-friendlier power generation and alternate proposals that address a range of industry challenges, from enhancing drilling performance to reducing emissions.


In summary, the program captures the current dynamics and future trajectory of the oil and gas industry, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and diversity amid global energy transitions.

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