2023 IADC HSE & Sustainability Conference Amsterdam

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2023 IADC HSE & Sustainability Conference Amsterdam

Set to unfold on 25th and 26th September 2023, the IADC HSE & Sustainability Europe Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam promises to be a pivotal event for industry professionals.


This two-day conference will serve as a platform to discuss and shape the future of sustainable drilling.


The 2023 IADC HSE & Sustainability event will kick off with a welcome and safety briefing, setting the tone for a series of insightful sessions. A highlight will be the interactive session on Human Factors & Human Performance. This segment will delve deep into the nuances of safety, the pivotal role of workers, and the importance of continuous learning from everyday work processes. Renowned companies will share their strategies and experiences in embracing Human Performance Principles and cultivating a Just Culture.


Greenhouse gas emissions during drilling operations will take centre stage in another session. The need for a uniform standard to measure and allocate emissions will be discussed, emphasizing regulatory compliance and pinpointing areas for carbon footprint reduction.


As the conference progresses, attendees will be introduced to the innovative strategies organizations are employing to reduce emissions. The changing global narrative from ‘what’ industries do to ‘why’ and ‘how’ they achieve their goals will be explored, with a special focus on the oil and gas sector.


The DROPS Metaverse Virtual Reality (VR) Training will also be spotlighted as a game-changer in safety training. Discover the myriad of advantages VR can provide over traditional training methods. Attendees will get a glimpse of how leading companies are harnessing VR to develop and deliver interactive training modules.

The two days promise a blend of knowledge-sharing, networking, and hands-on experiences, culminating in a clearer vision of sustainable drilling’s future.
Prospective attendees can access the registration form and the letter of agreement for the event. Additionally, comprehensive information on Health, Safety & Environment will be available on the conference’s official website.


We look forward to connecting with our customers in the drilling sector at our exhibition booth at this conference. Our Sarah White and Gary Dunn will be representing Stopdrop Tooling at this conference.

For more information and registration visit IADC.org