Grease Gun at Height

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Grease Gun at Height

Grease Gun at Height

Reducing Dropped Object Risks with the Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun SDGG2

Working at height has its challenges, including dropped objects. Using a grease gun at height adds extra risks, like damaging equipment or injuring workers below. Changing cartridges can be difficult, and individual components of standard grease guns can become dropped objects. Our Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun, SDGG2, tackles these issues and is designed for secure use in elevated workspaces.


Visible and Customizable Design

The SDGG2 grease gun and accessories come with yellow sleeving for better visibility. We also offer a range of colors for easy differentiation between work zones.

Key Features for a Safe Grease Gun at Height

  1. Secure lanyard attachment: The integrated stopdrop lanyard attachment point reduces dropped object risks during use.
  2. Undetachable body and head: The gun’s design ensures secure connections, preventing accidental detachment and dropped components.
  3. Three loading options: The grease gun offers standard 14oz. cartridge loading, dispenser loading, and bulk loading. These choices simplify cartridge changes and reduce dropped object risks.
  4. High working pressure: With 4500 psi, the gun ensures efficient grease application in various situations.
  5. Durable pipe and coupler: Metal components provide reliable connections to grease fittings.
  6. Robust hand cap: The zinc die-cast hand cap ensures lasting durability and reliable performance.
  7. Easy-to-use handle: The curved lever handle is ergonomic and reduces hand fatigue.
  8. Non-slip grip: The ergonomic, non-slip grip enhances control and safety during use.
  9. Long-lasting finish: The electric plated finish resists corrosion, ensuring the grease gun’s longevity.
  10. Lightweight design: Weighing 1.6 kg (3.6 lb) unloaded, the grease gun is easy to handle and maneuver.

Enhanced Safety and Productivity

By including these features, the Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun, SDGG2, offers a reliable solution for using grease guns at height while reducing dropped object risks. Users can safely and efficiently use the grease gun without worrying about accidents from falling tools or equipment. Choose the Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun, SDGG2, for improved safety and productivity when working with grease guns at height.