Fail Safe or Fail Lucky

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Fail Safe or Fail Lucky

Fail Safe or Fail Lucky

It is our pleasure to be sponsoring the next DROPS Asia Webinar on the subject Fail Safe or Fail Lucky.

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“Despite great improvements, the drilling industry consistently reports dropped objects among their top causes of (potential) incidents. We have developed many preventive measures such as routine inspections and robust securing methods. When these fail, we rely on mitigating measures to prevent personnel from becoming harmed.  If a dropped object occurs that has the potential to cause harm, we should ask ourselves if we had predicted this possible outcome and took measures to prevent harm or if we were caught by surprise. It’s the difference between failing safely and failing lucky.

Join us with a growing industry panel discussion with Shi Beng Hooi (Shell Malaysia), David Jamieson (Bowtie Master), Wayne Bauer (Vantage Drilling), William Lai (Baker Hughes) and Joachim van der Meulen (DROPS Asia) on the subject Fail Safe or Fail Lucky followed by a virtual networking reception.

Connect with the speakers and other attendees on our LinkedIn event page here.

To join the virtual networking reception download our DROPS Metaverse app for the Meta Quest (Virtual Reality), Windows or Mac here.” 


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