Explore tools for working at height in Virtual Reality

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Explore tools for working at height in Virtual Reality

Stopdrop Tooling have recently developed a virtual reality application for the popular Oculus Go standalone VR Device. The application is modelled on our most popular tethered tool kit SDKIT01.

The application was developed to support the DROPS Asia initiative to create a free Virtual Reality Dropped Object Prevention training package. This training method enables students to learn through a series of (virtual) hands-on scenarios based on the most common concepts used in Dropped Object Prevention, such as the DROPS impact calculator, reliable securing, Red Zones, Inspections and of course working with tools at height.

Our own Stopdrop VR  application allows us to meet with our customers remotely in a virtual environment where we are able to demonstrate the features and benefits of our product range. As the application supports Windows and iOS application, we are able to provide a demonstration to customers who do not own a virtual reality device.

We initially envisaged the VR application would  provide our customers with a training solution and as a way to support the work of the DROPS community. The Covid-19 crisis is preventing us from meeting and supporting our customers on a face-to-face basis. The Stopdrop VR app along with Zoom, Teams and Skype calls, allows our team to continue to support our customers remotely.

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If you would like to learn more about our virtual reality app and remote support, please contact us.