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The Stopdrop Tooling YouTube Channel

21 May 2014
Category : EVENTS
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Important IADC HSE Guidelines

04 Apr 2014
Category : OIL AND GAS
Get up to speed with IADC's latest HSE Guidlines.

UEA (Dubai) Visit April 6th - 10th

24 Mar 2014
Category : EVENTS
Meet with our Global Business Manager - Edwin on his visit to Dubai.

A 3-Step guide to choosing the correct lanyards for your tools when ‘Working At Height’.

13 Mar 2014
A quick and easy guide to ensure that you are using the correct lanyards for your tools.

Asia Pacific Visit Feb 17th - April 5th

12 Mar 2014
Category : EVENTS
Arrange a meeting with Edwin!

Stopdrop Tooling kits now on Arabian Drillings new rig - AD60

04 Mar 2014
Category : OIL AND GAS
Arabian Drilling have become the latest company to use Stopdrop Tooling tools and tool kits.

UAE (Dubai, Iraq) Visit Feb 21st - March 1st

19 Feb 2014
One of our Stopdrop representatives will be visiting the UAE (Dubai, Iraq) Feb 21st - March 1st.

IADC HSET Asia Pacific 2014 Conference and Exhibition

06 Jan 2014
Category : EVENTS
We have confirmed our attendance of the IADC HSET Asia Pacific 2014 Conference and Exhibition in Singapore.

Stopdrop Tooling Event Presentation

04 Dec 2013
Category : EVENTS
The presentation will include important tools at height information, demonstrations of products and the chance to ask any questions you may have about our products.

Stopdrop Tooling introduces a range of department specific tethered tool kits.

21 Oct 2013
Category : OIL AND GAS
Our oil and gas department specific tethered tool kits includes: derrick, drilling, electrical, subsea, mechanical and crane kits.
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