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The World's First Pistol Type Grease Gun for 'Working At Height'

16 Jul 2014
Category : PRODUCTS
Discover the only Pistol Type Grease Gun designed for 'Working At Height'.

Incredible Images of workers 'Working At Height'

11 Jul 2014
Stopdrop Tooling recommends always using correctly modified tools at height with appropriate lanyards when 'Working At Height'.

Our Latest 'Working At Height' Hammers Email

03 Jul 2014
Category : PRODUCTS
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How to tell the difference between Static and Dynamic Dropped Objects

30 Jun 2014
Both types of dropped objects can result in injuries and fatalities. Stopdrop Tooling aims to achieve zero dropped tools by encouraging companies to use ‘Safe Tooling for Working At Height’.

Stopdrop Tooling will be attending the IADC World Drilling Conference and Exhibition - Vienna

13 Jun 2014
Come and speak to Edwin our Global Business Manager.

Free download safety posters for 'Working At Height'.

28 May 2014
Click the download button to recieve 5 free safety posters for 'Working At Height'.

The Stopdrop Tooling YouTube Channel

21 May 2014
Category : EVENTS
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Important IADC HSE Guidelines

04 Apr 2014
Category : OIL AND GAS
Get up to speed with IADC's latest HSE Guidlines.

UEA (Dubai) Visit April 6th - 10th

24 Mar 2014
Category : EVENTS
Meet with our Global Business Manager - Edwin on his visit to Dubai.

A 3-Step guide to choosing the correct lanyards for your tools when ‘Working At Height’.

13 Mar 2014
A quick and easy guide to ensure that you are using the correct lanyards for your tools.
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