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SDHS12 - Stopdrop Tooling Hacksaw For Working At Height

10 Jun 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
The SDHS12 - Stopdrop Tooling Hacksaw for ‘Safe Working At Height’ is the best on the market.

Stopdrop Tooling Lanyards for Safe 'Working At Height'

02 Jun 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
View the full range of Stopdrop Tooling Lanyards.

SDWBB1 - 0.5LTR Stopdrop Tooling Water bottle for 'Working At Height'

01 Jun 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Stay Safe and keep Hydrated with a Zero Drops Bottle Holder when Working At Height.

Stopdrop Tooling Pry Bars for 'Working At Height'

20 May 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Includes both Pry Bars L.P.E and Pry Heel Bars.

19TH May Stopdrop Tooling attending IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition 2016

18 May 2016
Category : EVENTS
Visit the Stopdrop Tooling booth to discuss how you can achieve zero drops when 'Working At Height'.

SDGG3SH - Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun for 'Working At Height' YouTube video

12 May 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Watch the Stopdrop SDGG3SH YouTube video.

Stopdrop Tooling - Tool Kit Features

22 Apr 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
A complete list of Stopdrop Tooling Tool Kit features.

SDGG3SH - Stopdrop Tooling Pistol Type Grease Gun for 'Working At Height'

14 Apr 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
The pistol type handle allows the user to control the tool with one hand.

Stopdrop Tooling 3/4" Drive Mobile Kits for 'Working At Height'

07 Apr 2016
Available in Metric or Imperial.

SDSCAFBELT - Stopdrop Tooling Scaffolding Belt for 'Working at Height'

05 Apr 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Includes 5 Tools and lanyards for safe 'Working At Height'.
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