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18th May Stopdrop Tooling attending IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition 2017

09 May 2017
Category : EVENTS
IADC’s Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition is the only event specifically targeting onshore drilling operations. The conference will be held 18th May 2017 at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside in Houston, Texas. Visit Stopdrop Tooling at booth 12 to discuss how you can achieve zero drops when 'Working At Height'.

Pipe & Adjustable Wrenches for ‘working at height’

19 Apr 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Adjust your levels of safety when ‘working at height’ with our range of Pipe & Adjustable Wrenches

Torque Wrenches for ‘working at height’

29 Mar 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Tighten up your safety levels with our range of Torque Wrenches for working at height.

Grease Guns for ‘working at height’

08 Mar 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Just as moving parts need protection from wear, workers need protection from drops at height. Our Grease Guns tick both boxes.

Impact Sockets, Extensions, Mobile Kits & Air Wrenches

15 Feb 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Create an impact in your safety levels when Working At Height with our Impact Sockets, Extensions, Mobile Kits & Air Wrenches.

Stopdrop Tooling attending IADC Health, Safety, Environment & Training Conference & Exhibition 2017

07 Feb 2017
Category : EVENTS
The IADC Health, Safety, Environment and Training Conference & Exhibition is the first in IADC’s worldwide series of HSET conferences for 2017. This conference will examine a range of topics impacting accident prevention, environmental protection, competency, and training in the drilling industry.

Pliers & Wire Twisters for ‘working at height’

25 Jan 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Grab hold of our pliers & wire twisters designed for working at height.

Ratchets, Extensions & Sockets for ‘Working At Height’ 2017

05 Jan 2017
Category : PRODUCTS
Extend your tool kit with our extensions and ratchets designed for working at height.

Anti-Sparks & Hammers for ‘working at height’

15 Dec 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Hit the nail on the head with our Anti-Spark & Hammer range.

SDLRKIT01- Stopdrop Tooling Land Rig Kit for 'Working At Height'

12 Dec 2016
Category : PRODUCTS
Kit specifically designed for use on Land Rigs - we can add or remove any tools, which means you can build your own bespoke kit, contact us for more information we will respond withing 24 hrs
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