Wind Turbine at height maintenance
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/Wind Turbine Maintenance & Installation Kit

Wind Turbine Maintenance & Installation Kit

Mobile Working at Height Kit for Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Wind Turbine Maintenance and Installation Kit in Mobile Pelican 0450 box containing

Top Tray

5m Tape Measure
Crowfoot 13mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 17mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 18mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 19mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 22mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 24mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 27mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 30mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 32mm 3/8" Drive
Crowfoot 36mm 3/8" Drive
Ratchet Reversivble 3/8" Drive
Pin Removal Tool
16oz Estwing Ball Pein Hammer
Voltage Indicator
Infrared Thermometer

 Tray 1

Insulated Screwdriver 0.5 x 3 x 100mm
Insulated Screwdriver 0.5 x 3 x 75mm
Insulated Screwdriver 0.8 x 4 x 75mm
Insulated Screwdriver 1 x 5 x 75mm
Insulated Screwdriver 1 x 5 x 203mm
Insulated Screwdriver 1.2 x 6.5 x 100mm
Insulated Screwdriver 1.2 x 8 x 150mm
Insulated Screwdriver 1.6 x 10 x 203mm

Tray 2

12" Pry Heel Bar
6" Adjustable Wrench
12" Adjustable Wrench
Hex Keys in Holder Metric
12" Steel Ruler
3" Feeler Gauge
6" Digital Calipers

Tray 3

8mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
9mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
10mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
11mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
12mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
13mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
14mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
15mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
16mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
17mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
18mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
19mm Ratchet Combination Wrench
22mm Combination Wrench
24mm Combination Wrench
27mm Combination Wrench
30mm Combination Wrench

Tray 4

Proximity Switch Sensor Tester
C Wrench 100mm
Wire Stripper/Cutter
9" Ratchet Crimp Pliers
Insulated Water Pump Pliers 1000v
Insulated Long Nose Pliers 1000v
Insulated Diagonal Cutter Pliers 1000v
Insulated Combination Pliers 1000v

Tray 5

Impact Socket 46mm x 3/4" Drive
Socket 10mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 11mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 12mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 13mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 14mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 15mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 16mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 17mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 18mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 19mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 20mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 21mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 22mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 24mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 27mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 30mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket 32mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 5mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 6mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 7mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 8mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 10mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 12mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 14mm x 1/2" Drive
Socket Driver 17mm x 1/2" Drive
1/2" to 3/4" Step Up Adaptor
Extension 125mm 1/2" Drive
Extension 250mm 1/2" Drive
Universal Joint 1/2" Drive
Swivel Handle 1/2" Drive
Ratchet Reversible 1/2" Drive
Pin Removal Tool


1M Web Lanyard
Wrist Strap & Lanyard Complete
1M Coil Lanyard
Peli Case 0450 + Tool Control Foam

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