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Ratchets, Extensions & Sockets for ‘Working At Height’

31 Oct 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Extend your tool kit with our range of Extensions, Sockets & Ratchets designed for Working At Height.

3/4" Drive Metric & Imperial Mobile Kits for ‘Working At Height’

10 Oct 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Drive up your safety levels when ‘Working At Height’ by using our 3/4" Drive Metric and Imperial Mobile Tool Kits.

Pry Bars & Pry Heel Bars for ‘Working At Height’

19 Sep 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Pry yourself away from your bad safety habits and start using our Pry & Pry Heel Bars when 'Working At Height'.

Stopdrop Tooling Metric Derrick Kit for ‘Working At Height’

29 Aug 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Introducing our Metric Derrick Kit for ‘Working At Height’. Complete with 180 safety specification tools and accessories specifically designed for use on sites where metric sizes are used.

1/2" & 3/4" Impact Drive & Metric Combination Wrenches Expansion Drawers for ‘Working At Height’

08 Aug 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Expand your levels of safety when 'Working At Height' with our static kit expansion drawers.

Stopdrop Tooling Hammers & Anti-Spark Hammers for ‘Working At Height’

02 May 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Hammer home the importance of safety when 'Working At Height'.

Stopdrop Tooling Flogging Wrench Kits for ‘Working At Height’

14 Mar 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
When ‘Working At Height’, keep your safety levels up by using our Imperial & Metric Flogging Wrench Kits.

Stopdrop Tooling Torque Wrenches for ‘Working At Height’

21 Feb 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Tighten your safety levels when ‘Working At Height’ by using our range of Torque Wrenches.

Stopdrop Tooling Adjustable Wrenches for ‘Working At Height’

31 Jan 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Adapt and adjust to your environment, use our range of Adjustable Wrenches when ‘Working At Height’.

Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun Pistol Type for ‘Working At Height’

10 Jan 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
The Stopdrop Tooling Grease Gun Pistol Type With Flexi Hose & Fixed Nozzle for ‘Working At Height’.
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