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1/2", 3/4" & Hex Metric & Imperial Sockets for 'Working At Height'

09 Jan 2019
Category : PRODUCTS
Stopdrop Tooling Imperial & Metric 1/2”, 3/4" & Hex Sockets for Working At Height. Utilizes Stopdrop Tooling’s pin locking mechanism which requires a Pin Removal Tool to prevent accidental disengagement.

Combination, Ring & Flare Nut Wrenches for 'Working At Height'

12 Dec 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Combination, Ring & Flare Nut Wrenches with permanent Stopdrop Tooling attachment points for Working At Height.

Stopdrop Tooling Mobile Tool Kits for ‘Working At Height’

21 Nov 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Stopdrop Tooling's range of Mobile Kits with permanent Stopdrop Tooling attachment points for ‘Working At Height’.

Ratchets, Extensions & Sockets for ‘Working At Height’

31 Oct 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Extend your tool kit with our range of Extensions, Sockets & Ratchets designed for Working At Height.

3/4" Drive Metric & Imperial Mobile Kits for ‘Working At Height’

10 Oct 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Drive up your safety levels when ‘Working At Height’ by using our 3/4" Drive Metric and Imperial Mobile Tool Kits.

Pry Bars & Pry Heel Bars for ‘Working At Height’

19 Sep 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Pry yourself away from your bad safety habits and start using our Pry & Pry Heel Bars when 'Working At Height'.

Stopdrop Tooling Metric Derrick Kit for ‘Working At Height’

29 Aug 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Introducing our Metric Derrick Kit for ‘Working At Height’. Complete with 180 safety specification tools and accessories specifically designed for use on sites where metric sizes are used.

1/2" & 3/4" Impact Drive & Metric Combination Wrenches Expansion Drawers for ‘Working At Height’

08 Aug 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Expand your levels of safety when 'Working At Height' with our static kit expansion drawers.

Stopdrop Tooling Hammers & Anti-Spark Hammers for ‘Working At Height’

02 May 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
Hammer home the importance of safety when 'Working At Height'.

Stopdrop Tooling Flogging Wrench Kits for ‘Working At Height’

14 Mar 2018
Category : PRODUCTS
When ‘Working At Height’, keep your safety levels up by using our Imperial & Metric Flogging Wrench Kits.
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